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Experience Hopi Indian Tour
from Sedona

Hopi indian tour

This unique and fascinating journey will take you into the heart of Hopi country. Your journey will begin with a scenic drive up the famous Oak Creek Canyon. From there, we travel Old Oraibi - The oldest, perminantly-inhabitated village in North America. Next, enjoy an authentic Hopi meal with your guide at the Hopi Cultural Center. Have the opportunity to visit the Hopi Museum and Art Gallery with time to shop and view the amazing pieces found here.

The afternoon will be spent visiting the Village of Walpi on First Mesa, the most original of all of the Hopi Villages. You'll do a walking tour with another Hopi Indian Guide, who will share with you the traditions of the Hopi People. Meet with the Hopis in their homes and share their culture and history with them first hand. Visit with the artisans such as basket makers, pottery makers and kachina carvers. This is a true cultural and spiritual experience


  • Hotel Pick Up
  • Hopi guide at Walpi
  • Lunch at Cultural Center
  • Village of Walpi
  • Village of Oraibi
  • Oak Creek Canyon
  • Navajo Reservation

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